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Rosh Hashana and

Yom Kippur Holiday Menu

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Contest Winner

Contest Winner

Marion with her famous Marion salads


The Ritz Diner logo
Waffles and strawberries
Matzo ball soup
Challah bread
Burger coleslaw and baked potato_edited.
Western omelet
Pancake and brisket sandwich
Sandwich coleslaw and pickle_edited_edit
Chicken teriyaki salad
Blintzes with fresh fruit
Spinach and mushroom omlette and hashbrowns
A plate of BLT sandwiches - bacon, lettus, and tomato - with a pickle
Soup with matzo balls, noodles, and carrots
Chicken Club Sandwich
Grilled chicken or fish over beans
Apple dish
Bacon burger with fries_edited.jpg
Bagel with cream cheese_edited.jpg
Scrambled dish with tomatoes_edited.jpg
Scrambled dish with fries_edited.jpg
Egg on toast and hashbrowns_edited.jpg
Meat dish_edited.jpg
Iced drink_edited.jpg
Pasta dish_edited.jpg
Shrimp dish_edited.jpg
Lasagna dish_edited.jpg
Tower with chips_edited.jpg
Matzo ball soup_edited.jpg
Seafood dish_edited.jpg
Food pile with chips_edited.jpg
Assortment of tuna salad, chicken salad,
Multiple dishes_edited.jpg
Yogurt parfait_edited_edited.jpg
Assortment of wraps and sandwiches_edite
Chicken sandwich_edited.jpg
Fried chicken sandwich with avocado_edit
Mushroom burger_edited.jpg
Assorted sandwich platter_edited.jpg
Assorted rolls_edited.jpg
Pastrami on rye sandwich_edited_edited.j
David and Marion
Wooden Board
A container of 6 matzo balls and two containers of noodle soup

Our Delicious
Matzoh Balls and
Chicken Noodle Soup

Takeout & Delivery

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Multiple dishes_semi transparent 2.png

973 533-1213
973-533-6949 (Fax)

The Ritz Diner logo


The Ritz bakery pastry sign
Carrot cake
A sign that says "Home of the Famous Apple Pie"
Chocolate cake_edited_edited.jpg
Apple pie
Apple pie_edited.jpg
Pecan cake
Cherry pie
Chocolate and vanilla cannollis
A tray of various chocolate desserts
ritz carrot cupcakes_edited.jpg
Assortment of cupcakes, cookies, and other desserts
ritz apple strudel_edited.jpg
ritz linzer tarts_edited.jpg
Dessert rolls_edited.jpg
Cartoon cupcakes_edited_edited.jpg
Cookies with sprinkles_edited_edited.jpg
The Ritz Diner logo

The Regulars
We love them!

Owners of the Ritz Diner, Marion and David
The Regulars give a thumbs up at the Ritz Diner
Happy customer smiling with bowl of food
Marion and her family posing for a picture behind the counter
Happy family with children eating at The Ritz Diner
A little boy eating a giant chocolate and vanilla cookie
A little girl smiling for the camera and holding a giant cookie
A child eating a giant cookie with sprinkles on it


Date: July 20, 2023

Thank you to the Tribune & Natalie for the amazing article in today's paper!

Newspaper article headline that says "CBS Spotlights Ritz Diner Ahead of 40-Year Anniversary

Date: July 20, 2023

HEADLINE: CBS Spotlights Ritz Diner Ahead of 40-Year Anniversary

Date: July 17, 2023

MARION: "Hi, this is The Ritz Diner, in Livingston, NJ. Welcome. My name is Marion. I'm the Owner of The Ritz. And I hope that you enjoy your meal!"

Date: July 17, 2023

VICKI KALMUS: "Hi, Vicki Kalmus, Presentation Perfection and Media. I'm at The Ritz Diner in Livingston, NJ, and right now we're filming CBS, The Dish. It'll be aired on Friday morning. Please watch us, and please come to The Ritz Diner. Thank you."

Date: July 17, 2023

JOCELYN AND CARLY: "Hi, I'm Jocelyn, and I'm Carly, and we're at The Ritz Diner, and we're eating some of our favorite foods here. I'm eating matzo ball soup and noodles, and I'm enjoying one of my favorite foods, a fruit bowl. CBS is here and we're very excited for The Dish. It'll be aired on Friday."

Date: July 17, 2023

HAPPY CUSTOMERS: "We're having my eggs and coffee and juice and potatoes. I just love it! Been coming here forever. We love The Ritz, that's for sure. Look at this!"

The Ritz Diner logo

The Celebrities

Look who’s walked through our doors and enjoyed our homemade food!

Celebrity Guy Fieri

Guy Fieri

Darryl Strawberry and David

Darryl Strawberry & David

Sinbad & David

Sinbad and David at The Ritz Diner

Sinbad & David

Jonas Brother Kevin Jonas and Marion at The Ritz Diner

Kevin Jonas & Marion

Sinbad & David

Marion Davif and CBS The Dish's Michelle Miller.jpg

Marion, David, Michelle Miller


Speech bubble (turquoise)

"People are saying
the nicest things!"

Marion shows off her famous Marion Salads

we love the FB comments

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The Ritz Diner logo

The Ritz is one of my favorite places 
Great Food & Great Staff-treats you like family!
Connie S.


Do you deliver to Fla?
Do you deliver to Marlboro?
Marion Salad is my fav!
Great site!
Looks Delicious.


The Ritz Diner outside view in summer
David and Marion, owners of The Ritz Diner

About The Ritz
 Family Owned

Be part of the Ritz Traditon!
Our story began many years ago when we  looked for a community where we would love to open our family restaurant, cook our family recipes, and bake our family's desserts. Once we came to Livingston, we knew it would become our home. So we opened our restaurant almost 40 years ago,   we bought our house in town... and the rest is history.
Over the years, many celebrities have walked through our doors and enjoyed our delicious food. When someone asks," Who are our customers?" We say, "Everyone! Everyone knows the Ritz. It is your home away from home. " We love to see the same people come and say hi. We love when our customers' children bring their children. Stop by and see why the Ritz is where you  can eat and meet new friends too!

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